3 Key Vitamins and Minerals to Fight Stress and Anxiety

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. Stressors are all around us, constantly affecting us, and are unlikely to ...

How to Explain Anxiety to Your Friends and Family

It is sometimes hard to make sense of the pain, discomfort and distress that anxiety can cause in your life, so how c...

5 Plant-Based Foods and Nutrients to Help Reduce Anxiety

As with physical health, everyone has mental health. Unfortunately, it is only in recent decades that we have started...

Ashwagandha Benefits for Stress and Anxiety

An increasing number of studies are supporting a link to stress and anxiety relief through ashwagandha supplementatio...

7 Ways Stress is Killing Women Over 50 (and 6 Foods That Prevent Them)

Here are seven reasons why women over 50 years of age should prioritize reducing their stress load. We also have a li...

5 Easy Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

December can be a month of great joy for those who enjoy the sights, sounds, feasts and festivities of the holidays. ...
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