5 Plant-Based Foods and Nutrients to Help Reduce Anxiety

5 Plant-Based Foods and Nutrients to Help Reduce Anxiety

As with physical health, everyone has mental health. Unfortunately, it is only in recent decades that we have started to open up the discussion about our mental health. While we still have much to learn about what variables can affect our mental health, we are starting to learn about the foods that promote better moods and brain function.

When it comes to mental health, one condition that many people struggle with is anxiety, the body's natural response to stress. Fortunately there are foods and nutrients out there out there that have been linked to improved stress responses and could be the way to unlock more peace of mind in your day-to-day.

Here are 5 foods and nutrients you should incorporate into your diet to fight stress and anxiety:

  1. Green leafy vegetables: Spinach and swiss chard contain magnesium and preliminary studies suggest a causal relationship between low magnesium levels and anxiety.⁣
  2. Adaptogenic herbs (ashwagandha and tulsi): Scienitific studies on adaptogenic herbs used in Eastern medicine are showing remarkable results in anxiety and stress reduction. ⁣
  3. ⁣Antioxidants: Foods rich in antioxidants, such as berries, fruits, cacao and nuts, may help with anxiety and depression disorders. ⁣Sunbird Organics cacao and ashwagandha blend is a convenient way to get your daily serving of adaptogen herbs and antioxidants from cacao.
  4. Foods full of vitamin B: Foods like avocados and almonds could help stave off depression and anxiety by supporting your adrenals and neurotransmitter production. ⁣
  5. ⁣Reishi mushroom: Reishi also appears to work on anxiety by improving the function of the adrenal glands themselves. This makes reishi an excellent choice for calming the mind and easing anxiety.⁣
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